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In my other world over at Level Up Prep, my career services company, I occasionally write a segment I call Ask the Recruiter, where I take one of the many questions that seem to be one of the repeaters among job seekers, and give my usual answer. In this particular iteration I decided to do a video recording to make it a bit different, and I'm including it here in case it may be helpful to anyone who is considering a job change.

If you are, you're not alone. In some research I did earlier this year, I discovered that only about a third of workers are actually engaged at work right now. That means that between you and two of your co-workers, only one of you isn't looking for another job right now. So, even in a world where we're near 4% unemployment, the competition for open roles is stiff.

Business owners, that means you're probably spoiled for choice when it comes to who you're hiring, and that's revealed by the fact that there isn't much of a rise in wages lately. I would have given a caution flag here in other times, given that we're nearing 'full employment' - something would have to give at some point. But given our volatile political and economic climate currently, only certain sectors are going to compete for talent right now. We'll have to wait and see how things turn out.

Here's the video:

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