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I had a lot to say about being a Millennial, so I wrote a book.

I've been doing a lot of talking for many years, usually about Millennials in the workplace. I happen to be a Millennial who doesn't like much of what is being said about us. The usual talking points about my generation are hollow rumors with little evidence to back them up, or things that are true on paper, but critically misunderstood. Yes, we're job hoppers - but did you know that doing so results in an average increase of ten to twenty percent of your salary? Try asking your boss for that. Combined with crippling student loan debt and an increasing difficulty in owning a home, could you really blame us?

There's a lot more to the story, as there is to any story, and I found that I couldn't really convey everything I wanted to say in a ten minute conversation or pithy blog post, so I wrote it all down in a book that will hopefully illuminate all the things that make Millennials tick. Beyond that, I've included some historical perspective to help explain why we got to be this way, and helpful advice on what you can do (when partnering with your trusted HR team) to start to move the needle on those factors. I've even put my money where my mouth is, using our current events of today to make some guesses about what Generation Z will bring to the workplace.

I've called it We're All Okay: A Millennial's Treatise. I'm currently working on polishing it up for publication, and I'll be thrilled to put it to an audience. I hope to inspire some knowledge, as well as vigorous debate, and finally put some of the ridiculous beliefs people have about my generation to rest. It's time to work together to make working together as great as it always could be.


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