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Attendees walk away energized from my speaking engagements because I am driven by one principle: I hate being bored listening to a speaker. With hard facts, dry humor and a dynamic speaking style, I've been told by everyone from executives to union pipefitters that I have a great speaking style that gets the information across memorably and entertainingly. 

I speak on a variety of topics, such as the below:

Career Workshops:

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profiles

  • Job Searching and Applications

  • Building a Career in a Gig Economy

  • Negotiation and Knowing Your Value

My Book and Generational Diversity:

  • Breaking Down Myths

  • Managing Different Generations

  • Using History to Define Generations

  • The Future of Generational Diversity

  • Encouraging Intergenerational Collaboration

HR Issues and Hot Topics:

  • How to Engage in Gig-Oriented Workforce

  • Managing in a Remote-Work World

  •  What Does Retention Mean Anymore?

  • New Topics as News Breaks

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