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...The book, the insight, the humor, the mindset of course too, it really does beg the question, how can you talk about Millennials without involving them in the conversation in the first place. 


Miami, FL

 I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had - with Baby Boomers mostly – where I find myself defending Millennials.   Being a career driven, hard working Millennial and having to accept the “Me Me Me Generation” nickname is maddening.  You have given us a voice!


Queens, NY

 I really like the flow of the book beginning with the “myth-busters” and then moving into the advice for Millennials.  I certainly learned lot and felt like it was organized in a very balanced approach.  I am sure it will be well received by all of “The Players”! 


Alpharetta, GA

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Books about Millennials are a dime a dozen - except not one of them has been written by a Millennial. Older generations arm themselves with nontransferable anecdotes and spurious data to spin a tale about an unruly, needy, greedy generation that is destined to doom us all. It's not really worth all the histrionics. With the perspective of membership in the generation, as well as historical comparisons, the author is able to illuminate the subject in a way that has not been done before. The writing dismantles the commonly held notions that terrify business owners and senior leaders, replacing them with a common sense way of understanding a group of people that have their own priorities, just like the generations before them. Accompanied by action plans to address each facet of Millennial engagement, this book should be a key piece of any executive's or business owner's library.

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