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October 3, 2017

One of the pieces of advice that I find myself giving during career conversations more often than any other is that you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Whether it's your face, your ideas or your business, when you're creating and innovating, it's not just...

September 20, 2016

Recently I gave a talk at my local Rotary club that focused on a chapter of my book, We're All Okay: A Millennial's Treatise. I was very warmly welcomed by the group, and the discussion was lively. Among the great questions asked was one I'd not heard before. A self-id...

June 30, 2016

And not for a good reason, sadly. As I've said many times, I wrote my book because I felt that lots of people were talking about my generation, or to us, but not with us. Articles like the one I mentioned earlier are exactly the kind of thing that get my ire up, and pr...

June 11, 2016

In my book I spoke a bit about Generation Z, taking notes of what is currently happening around them and how it will shape their choices. I also bemoaned how easy it was for Generation Y to be described with lazy adjectives that may have pinpointed the very superficial...

April 14, 2016



For those of you who have been following along, I've been posting a bit about my forthcoming book, We're All Okay: A Millennial's Treatise. I am very excited to say it is now up on Amazon and this website and available for orders! I almost can't believe that somethin...

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From Internet Comment to Phone Call

February 13, 2018

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