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Another $15/hour Minimum Wage?

In case you're not from the tri-state area, that gentleman on the left is Phil Murphy, the man New Jersey just selected to be their governor, succeeding Chris Christie. New Jersey had gotten used to dealing with some pretty conservative behavior in Christie while he toyed with some national aspirations, despite being a pretty blue state, so while the population was looking for minimum wage hikes and bans on gestation crates, they got the exact opposite out of their governor. Their response was to repudiate the lieutenant governor and elect Murphy, a pretty liberal guy who has promised to legalize marijuana in his first 100 days and, he has just announced, raise the minimum wage to $15 per ho

What Causes Wages to Rise?

We've been hearing a lot of debate around wages lately, because we've seen an unusual phenomenon in the labor market recently. We're near so-called 'full employment' (we consider full employment a 4.0% unemployment rate), but wages have not risen to match the demand. Why is this? One reason I suspect is that there is a lot more competition in the market than the statistics reveal. Brace yourselves, the nerding has begun. While we celebrate a 4.1% unemployment rate, we know there has been a steady drop in the Labor Force Participation Rate. The number of people who could be working, but aren't, has been rising steadily over the last eight or so years. It should not be ignored that the economi

In the News

Happy Monday, all! I'm happy to say that I was quoted in a great article for All Hands, this time talking about scaling your company culture as your small business grows from startup to fledgeling and beyond. I'd love for you to check it out and let me know your thoughts!

The Worst Resume Advice I Ever Heard

I hate to say it, but not every piece of advice you can get about how to put together your resume is good advice. I'd say that especially goes for free advice. I had a professor in college who used to say, you tend not to take seriously things that you get for free. Sometimes, that goes for the giver, too. In any regard, enjoy the video!

An Interview with Employment Law Attorney Marc Alifanz

As an HR professional, I've had lots of interactions with attorneys, and when you deal with someone who is talented, knowledgable, but most of all sensible, you get a relationship that really sings. Marc is a part of my LinkedIn network, and I've had the pleasure seeing his perspective. I've seen firsthand that he approaches problems from an angle that makes sense for all parties involved, and for that reason I reached out to him to answer some questions that, for those of us who enjoy both fruitful careers and pursue entrepreneurism, are hot on our minds. I think you find that his approach and his liberal application of memes is enlightening. First, a bit about him. Marc is the founder and

Freelancers Are Racing to the Bottom

I was having a conversation with someone in my network recently about what the state of freelancing was like lately. We connected because she is a resume writer, and I had founded Level Up Prep, which includes a resume writing service, so we saw an opportunity to talk to someone who was sharing space in a field that was experiencing a challenge. Like me, she had been in the recruiting field previously, and was finding it tougher to attract clients to her business than she had before. There was a palpable change in the way that potential customers were evaluating her work, and she wondered if I had checked out LinkedIn's new service, ProFinder. I had, and I had some concerns, which I shared w

Video: Working with International Colleagues

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've had some great opportunities to travel for work, and I also get to work remotely with colleagues from around the globe. I love getting to build relationships with people from all corners of the world, and I've learned a lot regarding how to deal with many different cultures. I've recorded a bit of a video to talk about some of the do's and don'ts that came to mind about working with folks either in your office that have come from abroad, or if you go abroad yourself. Subscribers, there's something in there for you, too, so check it out!

Deactivating the Nice Circuit

My at-work/client-facing persona is a friendly one. I’m typically all smiles, very positive and conversational. I like my work to feel like I’m building close relationships. Sometimes, though, you get a tough cookie. As I mentioned in my #metoo post, there is a segment of the male population that talks over and interrupts women, and it can make your work life pretty infuriating. It happens often enough that I have a system on how I deal with it. Naturally, I have a few disclaimers. No, of course not all the men I work with are like this. In fact, I was careful to select a workplace for a day job that supports women, and I rarely come across a man at work that is anything less than a supporti

Success is a Sine Wave

It takes a lot of stamina to build and maintain long term success. Human beings like quick wins because we like to feel the thrill of victory, and if we sense even the hint of failure, we can find myriad reasons why we should quit before we fall flat on our faces completely. We're all just trying not to look stupid. I get it, I don't want to look stupid, either. But I've taken that risk countless times. It doesn't help that, when we strike out on a new venture, whether that's a business or in our careers, there are some people around us that just can't wait to tell us that we're making a big mistake. Often it's people that we're really surprised and disappointed aren't our biggest cheerleade

I Argued Over a $2 Charge and I Don't Regret It

I think about money frequently, and not just in regards to business. In my household, I'm the designated CFO, so when a bill comes in, it's my role to evaluate it and pay it. Typically fees for recurring charges are negotiated in advance and predictable, like the cable or cell phone, and there's no argument. When I see an unexpected charge, I have a motto: I do not pay anything until I have a chance to argue about it. I have a few rules about arguing with customer service reps. Firstly, I'm always polite and friendly. None of the mistakes are ever their fault, and I'm pretty sure customer service at a call center is one of the worst jobs this country has to offer. Secondly, you get a lot fur

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