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Looking Fly While You Fly

One of my favorite aspects of my day job is that I occasionally (but not too often - I'm the bedtime story reader around here) get to travel for work. Sometimes it's exciting destinations, sometimes it's...well, the work has to get done, you know? But either way, getting out of my element for a couple of days is a nice opportunity to meet new people, take a shower without fear of interruption from the children, and explore a new place. I know a lot of people complain about it, but it hasn't lost its luster as far as I'm concerned. I do spend some time thinking about what I look like when I travel, because as my motto goes, I'm like a 7-11. I may not always be doing business, but I'm always o

Yes, all women. Now, all men.

I was once harassed at work. Well, I've been harassed more than once, but the time I'm referring to in particular happened many years ago. I was slapped on the behind by a male co-worker. I was shocked and embarrassed. Had it not been for the support and encouragement of another male co-worker, I probably wouldn't have said anything. Fortunately, I did report it to the manager, and thanks to strong policies at the company, it was handled appropriately and it never happened again. That is how it should be. It is not how it always is. I don't need to belabor the statistics about workplace harassment, partly because there is a lot of question about whether or not they are accurate. I've seen re

Buying Time In Your Day

There is a lot to pack into a busy life, and for some of us, we've decided to pack more than the average person. I have a lot of little tricks that I employ to keep it all balanced, but you can only squeeze so much juice out of those tricks. At the end of the day, pun definitely intended, there are only twenty-four hours in a day, and you have to deal with all the same minutia as everyone else. When all your tricks are spent, you have to start paying in either time or money. In a portfolio career, one of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you is that your time and your money are equally valuable. If you are not doing something to expand your empire, spending time with a clie

Some Blog Administrivia

Happy Monday, everyone! Now that the blog has been active for a bit, I've fallen into a regular cadence of posts across all the platforms I participate in, so I wanted to share with you what my regular schedule was, in case you would like to know when to tune in for new content. On this blog, I post my long form articles or videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I have a short tidbit to share, such as today, I'll post it on another day of the week, but the meatiest content will come on my regularly scheduled days. On that note, I'm always open to hearing about what's interesting to my readers, so if you have a topic that's been on your mind and you'd like to bring it in to the conversation, be

Video: Choosing a Job

I've done another video post, this time about how I strategically chose a day job that was going to not only be compatible with my busy life, but support it. All of the lists I discuss are beneath the video, so feel free to peruse them, and subscribers will get a few extra, too! Best Companies for Working Moms Best Companies to Work For Best Companies for Millennials World's Most Innovative Companies

Thorny Questions: Salary History

At the end of this month, New York City will join Philadelphia and Massachusetts in the list of places where it is illegal to ask about an applicant's prior salary. Indeed, there are a number of places throughout the country that are considering similar legislation as well, all aimed at helping to narrow the gender wage gap. I've written and studied quite a bit about the subject, and you can find more information about it in some of my blog posts, on this page. Employers, for you this is a very simple change - don't ask an applicant how much they are making in their current job during an interview, nor about their salary in their previous roles. Make sure your application doesn't have a spac

Career Essentials: Portfolio Website

If you're not familiar with what this is, I can make this very easy for you. Scroll to the top of this webpage, and hit that button that looks like a house. Voila, you're at a portfolio website. For those of us who have a body of work that extends beyond a day job or a sole business, you need a place to house all of that information. Before you dive into the work of creating one, let's explore whether you need it, because it requires a good deal of work up front, and upkeep going forward. If you're building your career based on a steady progression within one company at a time, you can do a fine job of building your portfolio on LinkedIn. It has options to add some of your finest work, such

You Mean I Have to Talk to People?

Networking is hard. Well, I always found it hard. Some people seem to find it comes ever so easily. They just strike up a conversation with whoever they happen to sit next to, it's effortless, and they build this rolodex of people that they have at their fingertips. When I started my career, there was nothing I hated more than talking to other people. Weird for an HR person to admit, but it's true. Why was this so difficult to me? I had a few hangups: 1. I assumed that any time I spoke to someone about what I do or my businesses, I was bothering them. 2. I had a crippling case of Socially Awkward that was congenital and incurable. 3. I had gotten so good at avoiding conversations, and the cr

A Word About Hair

I laugh as I write this title, because hair is a topic about which volumes could be written, particularly when it comes to how we wear our hair at work. For me, this is another aspect of my life that I try to automate as much as possible, but my hair is naturally curly, so it took a long time reckoning with the way my hair naturally looked and being happy with it before settling on wearing it that way. But hold on, you may say, because on so many of my posts, my hair is straightened. Well, you're very astute, because I straighten my hair for work. Believe it or not, my hair, and the hair of many other women, has been a topic of conversation in workplaces across the country. When I wore my ha

A Willingness to Dare

One of the pieces of advice that I find myself giving during career conversations more often than any other is that you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Whether it's your face, your ideas or your business, when you're creating and innovating, it's not just a representation of your work that you put out, it's you. When people offer constructive criticism about what you've done, it can be a challenge, certainly, to put your ego aside and take the useful nuggets of wisdom from the conversation to improve. It can be harder still given that we're living in a society that loves nothing more than to tear people down to make themselves feel better. Just browse the comments section of Yo

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