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Giving back to a great cause!

I am happy to announce that, on October 1, 2016, I will be leading a Career Development Workshop with the great folks at Never Alone Again, an organization that works with women who have been victims of domestic violence. During our workshop, we'll discuss all the basics of getting a job, from a great resume to negotiating a job offer. We'll even bring the conversation into the 21st century, with information on how to navigate computerized resume filters and using LinkedIn effectively. It's sure to be an information-packed seminar! I have been proud to know Theresa Johnson, founder of the organization, for nearly ten years, and I've donated to and worked for her charity and have seen the pos

Who's responsible for inter-generational understanding?

Recently I gave a talk at my local Rotary club that focused on a chapter of my book, We're All Okay: A Millennial's Treatise. I was very warmly welcomed by the group, and the discussion was lively. Among the great questions asked was one I'd not heard before. A self-identified Baby Boomer acknowledged the understanding gap that existed between Millennials and older generations, and he asked who bore the responsibility for not having been more understanding in the first place. In my opinion, mutual understanding is a two-way street, and the problem of older generations vilifying younger ones is as old as Socrates, who I quote in my book: "The youth love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt

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