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What really drives job growth?

I would like to start out by saying this is not going to be a political post, but much of what I intend to talk about is political. States vary wildly between the progressive or conservative nature of their employment laws, and each are ready to argue that their methods create the most job growth. California is often derided by the business owners I speak to as the worst place to do business. Many legislators from more conservative states bemoan the legal minefield there as what will eventually cause an economic blight there. Kansas made a lot of headlines by slashing business taxes and making the work environment much more employer-friendly, and Governor Sam Brownback touted it as the next

New Legislation for Wage Parity

As the subject of wage parity heats up across the nation, Massachusetts, the oft-forgotten competitor for Most Progressive State, has passed a new law that will certainly make New York and California sit up and take notice. The law, which was signed last week and takes effect in July of 2018, will institute some new measures intended to address some of the root causes of the gender wage gap: 1. Employers will no longer be permitted to ask an applicant's wage history. On one hand, this is a good first step toward eliminating some of the hidden bias in pay, because a woman's shallower wage growth curve will not be part of a salary negotiation. I've not always understood why employers ask for t

Summer Reading List

Summertime is a great time to do practically nothing at all. It's too hot for motivation! While it would be an easy time to let my intellectual pursuits fall by the wayside, I've opted for the below instead of a trashy beach read. I'd love to hear what you're currently reading in the comments! The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins Moving from independent contributor to manager is a tricky transition for anyone, and equally tricky is becoming a manager in a new company or division. This book was written to help these folks manage the process more easily, both in helping the reader understand the situation they are about to enter, as well as understanding their own methods and perspectives bett

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