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New Worker Classification Guidance

In a continuation of the summer of change for employers in the United States, the Department of Labor has issued new guidance for businesses to understand how to correctly classify employees and independent contractors. In their words, "Misclassification of employees as independent contractors is found in an increasing number of workplaces," and because of this, the new guidelines may make it seem as if it's harder than ever to justify an independent contractor designation. This perception is accurate, and intentionally so - the government wants businesses to stop skirting taxes and liability that they should rightfully be taking on, and has done so by removing some of the ambiguity present

Don't Fear the Overtime Rule Changes

The recent announcement by the Department of Labor regarding coming changes to overtime regulations are shocking to many eyes, including mine. An increase in the exempt threshold is a needed adjustment in a wage-imbalanced market, especially since the last time the threshold was established was 2004, at $455 per week on the Federal level. I could barely contain my surprise, though, when I saw the limit would more than double to $970 per week. This is going to be a significant lift, especially for small businesses, and many will throw up their hands in frustration at the seismic change this will be. The fear is misplaced, however, and I encourage anyone reading this to take a deep breath an

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