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Gig Basics: From Big to Small

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Why You Should Consider Working For a Small Company

The Bona Fides

  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (Human Resources Certification Institute)

  • SHRM - Senior Certified Professional (Society for Human Resource Management)

  • Master's Degree in Human Resource Management with Legal Specialization (Capella University)

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (Grove City College)

  • Member of the Global HR team at a Fortune 200 company

My Bio

Michelle has been working in the field of Human Resources for nineteen years. She has worked as an internal HR contact for non-profit organizations in New York and New Jersey, where her attention to detail and dogged pursuit of compliance resulted in perfect or near-perfect annual state audits each year. She also distinguished herself as an HR professional with compassion for the people she worked with, and a servant-leader perspective. 

Her career also included work at a private water utility, at which she honed her talent for human capital analysis and workforce planning. Her ability to slice and dice masses of data to create a story, while careful to respect correlation and causality, completely transformed how talent management was conducted in her department. Through this analysis Michelle took notice of the need for inter-generational partnership and bonding in her company, and began the process of working with senior leadership and the corporate diversity council to create the infrastructure for what would eventually become a Business Resource Group led by Generation Y in service of all generations at her company. This group went on to receive a diversity award for the progress made toward that effort after the first year of operation.

Michelle has consulted for clients in a variety of industries, bringing best practices and top-level compliance advice to the companies she's served. Among her accomplishments is building HR infrastructure for a startup, including all policies and processes required for compliance. She also created a recruitment pipeline for a digital media firm that leveraged their social media presence to attract potential candidates to their door. An on-boarding experience for a luxury retail company that Michelle designed helped deliver the experience from their European headquarters to the American new hires, and infused culture with compliance to turn the ordinary first day into a powerful employee event. Her consultation also includes helping new and small businesses establish a foothold in their industries, such as building a compelling, SEO-optimized website for a talent agent, advising clients on where and how to reach out to customers within budget, and making the most of bootstrap budgets for a big impact.

Michelle has also applied her talents outside of the office to further her profession. She published a book from a Millennial’s perspective that uses historical context to explore and deconstruct myths on the generation, entitled We’re All Okay: A Millennial’s Treatise. In the book she outlined the myths that are often bandied about regarding the generation, and with consideration for their zeitgeist and upbringing, acknowledged some Millennial traits and dispelled falsehoods about others. Paired with practical steps on how to get the most out of this generation, the book offers a sane, sobered approach to a subject that has too often been unnecessarily dramatic. You can read a sample of the book on her blog, and you can order a copy of the book here - you can also read some of the praise received for her writing.

Community service is another important part of Michelle's professional acumen. She has served as a mock interviewer for college students to help them gain experience in a recruitment setting, and currently services as an adviser for members of the military looking to enter or reenter employment in the private sector. She has also partnered with Never Alone Again, an organization assisting women escaping domestic violence, to lead a series of popular career development workshops.

Michelle has recently been focused on the digital transformation of HR. Utilizing a range of skills including project management, communications, change management and more, she has lead the deployment and implementation of a global system of record and took part in a larger transformation effort globally. She has also been serving as the HR Advocacy and Membership lead for the LGBTQ business resource group in her company, using her platform to speak openly about bisexual visibility, her journey to coming out at work, and the larger fight for inclusion.

In her current role, she is managing a book of work focusing on Business Resource Groups, and managing the diversity, equity and inclusion portfolio at her global organization.

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